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Course Offerings

last modification : 2017. február 06.

for International Students 50 credits/year each

Courses included:

a) Solfege Seminar
is geared primarily to renew the students' musical ear and to enhance their deeper understanding of music. The appoach to harmony, chords and progressions is through linear reading. Movable tonic technique skills are formed. The course also offers form and analysis and directed/structured music listening.
The Solfege Seminar can be taken together with:
b) Chorus
where students will learn Kodály's choral works, and/or
c) Voice Peagogy
where students will learn more on voice training, human voice being the main vehicle in acquiring knowledge at all levels and all fields of music, in Kodály's concept.
d) Traditional Folk Music
help students to understand the area of traditional Hungarian folk songs and relate certain skills – vocal and/or instrumental to a deeper understanding of Hungarian culture and to bridge traditional folk songs with the styles of composed music.

Courses offered in the following subjets and instrumental trainings, held by our faculty members whose main vocation is to convey the rich tradition of Hungarian and Central European music performance and pedagogy:

a) Keyboard studies program in piano and organ
offers the most meaningful and challenging opporunity in the worlds of performance and teaching. Our faculty members are internationally recognized pedagogues, performers and clinicians. The program offers weekly studio classes, provides also teaching opportunities to students to work with children, students and adults. Also a special attention is given to give students a thorough knowledge on the repertoire, which they will be able to use in classroom situations. Our faculty serve as mentors and are committed to high standards in keeping the balance of traditional piano and/or organ teaching and the latest trends and advances in keyboard instructional materials.
Our insitution is provided with pianos (Steinway, Boston concert pianos) and houses three organs, both newly built and historical.
b) Guitar studies
gives superior training both in performing and teaching. The course includes guitar literature, guitar pedagogy, performance and guitar ensemble.
c) Voice studies
students will learn how to improve their vocal technique, to maximize their musical potentials to sing in style both in classical and light music; they can form skills to become either performers or music educators. The singing studios are provided with piano accompanists.
d) Choral conducting
development and practice of choral conducting techniques and skills are in focus; deep knowledge of classical and contemporary choral repertoire is acquired, as well as score learning strategies and rehearsal planning. Special attention is given to the uniquely rich Hungarian choral repertoire.
e) Comparative music performance analyis
offers: analysing the score together with multiple performances, drawing conclusions in performance requirements, exploring aspects of a meaningful and valuable, authentic performance.
f)Body Mapping
our highly trained Body Mapping clinician faculty helps students to become aware of their bodies in the movement, while playing on their instruments or singing. The goal is to prevent injuries, enhance focusing and hale already existing injuries or remainings of former accidents. Body Mapping teaches students how to use their attention properly, direct their senses and actual mocements. Students will have to bring their instruments for the classes.


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