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Music is undoubtedly an essential component of human experience, moreover: it is a way of life.

The emphasis is on moulding of a versatile musicianship, combined with a high-moral pedagogical vocation. Our ideal student has a musical background and can express him/herself through music; is musical and talented not only in singing and/or playing an instrument, but also has the necessary stamina, consistency for everyday practice.

Our main goal is to train good music teachers, more generally: good musicians, whatever our gradauates' profession will be; individuals, who are motivated in carrying further mankind's cultural, aesthetic, human values and strongly believe in the emotinal - moral power of music.

The Music Department also serves as an educational and cultural center of excellence; enriches the musical life of our university, the city and the region. It generates musical research, events, workshops, classes, concerts, which are carried out with our students's actice participation. Moreover, the department is engaged in various community outreach activities.


In our age we have to do the utmost to carry further the values of good music. It is proved that music contributes to people's mental - spiritual hygiene and health. Music though should not stay as a foreign language: it really should belong to everybody. The curriculum includes music pedagogy and methods, practical - performance-related - and also theoretical subjects, which all are intrinsically interrelated: all of them will give our graduates the necessary knowledge and skills in becoming true interpreters of classical (and more generally: good) music to audiences. Given our main profile: a classroom's pupils' audience, but more widely: our fellow humans' community.

Our department's mission is to provide a musically enriching, professional and vivid environment for our students.

At present, we offer the following degree programs:

- Music teacher

- Music Culture BA

- Short cyle MA

The music teacher program runs within the frame of the undivided system, together with another chosen subjects (e.g. History, Hungarian Language, English, German, Geography, Visual Arts, etc).

The high quality of training is a direct result of our faculty members, who are also distinguished performers and scholars, still, with a profound dedication to teaching.

Our main assets: following a Kodály-based music education and music teacher training, a special attention is given to individual needs in order to develop the students' level of musicianship&their methodological skills and to widen their horizon.

Second, our training - embedded in the Hungarian tradition - also includes contemporary, modern media- and computer approach topics, to make our students well-oriented in our world of informatic revolution.

Last, but not least: one will learn to enjoy making music and producing high standard musical values not only as an individual, but as a team, as a community. Singing in the Department's internationally acclaimed choirs – led by our recognised choir leader - is the most natural way to establish camaraderie and a functional-funtioning community. 


Our answer is: yes! The national and international tendencies show that music education gets more attention, appreciation and emphasis. Music does enhance brain activity: increase capacity of focusing and more intense information procession.

On one hand: they have been constant efforts to reform music education especially in the classroom, but also kindergarten.

On the other hand: music provides students with outstanding intellectual, social and transferrable managerial skills. Most of our students become music teachers, but some others – especially after a Music Culture BA - make other career choices: working in the media, different cultural institutions, sing or play in choirs, orchestras.

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