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The Kodály concept

last modification : 2015. április 27.

Main ideas of the concept:

All theoretical subjects are based on Zoltán Kodály's ideas on music education and his educational philosophy.

The Kodály approach is rooted in Hungarian soil, but can be adapted to other musical – cultural situations.


Main ideas of the concept:

Music belongs to everyone
Music is meant to develop one's entire beeing: personality, intellect, and emotions
Kodály believed that the future of a nation's music is determined in their schools


Kodály Method materials are present in our approach to Music and Music Education.

They are drawn strictly from two sources: "authentic" folk music and "good-quality" composed music. Folk music was thought to be an ideal vehicle for early musical training because of its short forms, pentatonic style, and simple language .

Studies have shown that the Kodály Method improves intonation, rhythm skills, music literacy, and the ability to sing in increasingly complex part. Outside of music, it has been shown to improve perceptual functioning, concept formation, motor skills, and performance in other academic areas such as reading and math.

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